Project Management

Project Start

Auditing Process

Using PMBOK methodology, Wipahu analyzes the scope, time, cost, quality, safety, human resources and risks with the client, of any process within or outside the project.

Here at Wipahu we offer many different solutions to improve productivity, lower the cost of the process, reduce processing time, improve coordination of interdepartmental communication, enhance quality, improve safety and minimize risks.

Projects Consulting

Wipahu teams up with the client, analyzing documentation and offering different solutions to improve each of the knowledge areas covered by the project, and thus avoid unnecessary deviations of time and cost, reduce the risks to a minimum and increase the quality and project security.

With all this, we will increase the profits of the company, customer competitiveness in its sector and its potential for future awards.

Project Management

Wipahu is integrated into the structure and the clients team, forming a single undifferentiated management team in face of third parties and assumes the project management and customer interests in scope, time, cost, quality and safety.

In addition to assuming the client's interests, we will make available our methodology and professionals to achieve the objectives.

Construction Management

Wipahu´s Construction Management service focuses on the management of works using international standards and all implementation methods promoted by national and local institutions providing technical and work value to the place where they are executed.


PDP Auditory

Wipahu provides analysis and different improvements proposals on total Master Plan Project or on a specific part made by its clients.

The improvements and changes will be based on the PMBOK methodology and its experience in similar projects.

Together with the customer, we get the best basis for the execution and project control.

PDP Development

Wipahu will develop the Customer´s Master Plan project assuming their interests, goals, costs, deadlines, quality and safety.

PDP Control

Wipahu takes active control of the Master Plan Project made by the client.

Issuing the required reports in a timely manner indicated by the Client and proposing diverse technical, economic and safe solutions to the various problems that arise in a project.


Technical direction

Wipahu performs the technical management of the project following the client´s directions providing  technical experts and experience in the industry and in similar projects.

Quality Control, Safety and Environment

Wipahu performs quality control, safety or the environment control as directed by the client, providing technical service and experience in similar projects.


Wipahu offers many different training courses for Customer´s employees in different areas of the project. Wipahu believes -relying in our experience- that a lot of delays, deficiencies in quality and safety and, above all, most accidents are due to the inexperience of the staff work..

Project Closing

Activities and Project Audit

We offer final audits of aspects of project or the entire project, where Wipahu , will analyze the problems and deviations thereof, and will propose solutions to correct and not to make them again.

Arbitration Body

Wipahu provides its services as an arbitration company in national and international projects in various fields, especially in the area of renewable energy and large scale works.